A blog of a young man who loves writing stories, playing video games, day dreaming, and rambling about Love Live! School Idols.

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This is the front page that greets everyone who first visited my blog!

Just like what the tagline says, the contents of this blog can be categorized into two main groups:
1) my fiction projects
2) my ramblings about the Love Live! series

This page is the main directory to the most recent contents being updated on this blog. Important announcements will also be posted here.

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This page is the big archive of all posts made on this blog, sorted by descending post date. A short snippet of the three most recent posts are also highlighted on the Homepage.

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This page lists the fiction and fan-fiction projects that I am currently working on. Inside, you can get a synopsis of the stories as well as a link to the chapter index.

As you can probably notice, this section is currently empty right now because I am in the process of salvaging posts from the older versions of my blog, but hopefully, I’ll have something running under this section soon.

Current On-Going Project(s):


LLSIF Center ]

Whenever I am not working on my full-time job, writing stories, or doing normal human stuffs, I play [Love Live! School Idol Festival].

I know there are several communities of this game out there, as well as many useful resources, such as websites for card assets, team builder app, and even video tutorials. My goal with this page is not to compete with them in terms of comprehensiveness and quality of information, but rather, I aim to be a comprehensive map that points players towards relevant resources. Imagine a big bookmark portal for resources related to this game.

Furthermore, I also like to ramble about this game, so there will be regular posts about the game on this blog. In order to keep this blog with fresh contents, I hope to push an article related to SIF out at least once every two weeks or so. Articles could be stuffs related to the game’s mechanics, reiterating how some of the frequently asked finer mechanics work, or just me showing off my scouting results.

As for what kind of player I am and why my ramblings may worth your time, I’ve played this game since 2014, and had a relatively good run with it. If I had to rank myself, I’d place myself somewhere above most average players, but not to the point of being top leaderboard competitor. I also spent some money on the game regularly, but never in large sums (compared to Deep Sea Whales anyway).

Because of this position, I tend to see why the competitive community acts or thinks a certain way, while also fully empathizing with the casual players who just want to have fun.

I hope to be the middle ground that give insights into the game to casual players in  a fun bite-size chunk without causing them to go insane from info overload.

And even if no one is interested, eh… I guess I still have a big bookmark portal for my own use.

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This page is an equivalence of ‘Facebook Wall‘ where visitors can post their thoughts and comments about this blog. You are also free to post your speculations or start a discussion about my fictions here.

Registration is NOT required to post a comment, so post to your heart’s content!

There is no hard community rule here, but please keep your comments civil and be considerate of others.

And that concludes my mini-tour.

I hope you found some good read and enjoy your time here!