The Art of Dealing with the Saltiness of an Unsuccessful Scout

Not getting what you want from a gacha, especially after spending so many hard-earned gems, is a terrible feeling and I don’t think anyone will disagree with me on that. The sad truth is, unless you guarantee your chance of getting a limited UR through the BOX scouting, your chances of getting anything good at all from a scouting box is completely up in the air. And honestly, depending on how deep you have to go into the BOX to get the Limited UR, the next question you might ask is, “is all this even worth it?”

Saltiness has been ingrained into gacha game culture, and it’s most likely here to stay (unless… I don’t know… the Gambling Law caught up to gacha games in some form or the other, thanks in no small part to a company with the name beginning with “E” and ending with “A”). So, is there anything – anything at all – that could make the saltiness more bearable, even just a little?

In this article, I wish to give a few tips on how to handle such saltiness, and perhaps, prevent you from salt-quitting the game. Let’s have a look.


I’ve already discussed about how to prevent yourself from getting baited into scouting at every other turn in this article. But that was before the scouting happens. This article attempts to help you deal with the disappointment after the fact.

Different people handle saltiness very differently. Some laughed it off as a part of the game, while some take it very personally. Therefore, admittedly, some of these tricks may not even work for you at all, depending on how you see gacha in general. However, please keep an open mind as you go through this article. You might find tips that actually make your experience a little better. And remember, SIF is just a game and not getting Witch Honoka after spending 800 Love Gems in a row does not mean the world is ending.

[Basic Tips]

Seriously, game…

So, you just had a salty scout. You’re feeling terrible. You want to share this disappointment with someone, so you decided to take the results to the social media… BIG MISTAKE. Now you see people getting your dream URs in just 5 gems every where, not to mention hijacking your topic to gloat about their luckiness and rub it in your face!! And the worst part is, they don’t even want that card and proceed to sell the card away for stickers!! The sodium level just keeps rising…

How do you deal with this?

Avoid the Blame Game

“The gacha rates are terrible!!”
“K-Lab is greedy!!”

Before getting into the main meat of this article’s content, I would like to address one thing. It is easy to play the blame game when you are salty about something, especially after all the works you’ve invested into it. But blaming the game is not exactly the healthiest thing to do. After all, the drop rates are openly disclosed to the public, so it’s not like you were unwillingly tricked into something.

With that out of the way, let’s get onto the real tips on how to handle saltiness.

Rethink your strategy

Gacha Drop Rates being low is something you should have already expected, and while it is easy blame everything on the RNG, I think it is also a great time to reconsider what went wrong on your part.

Were you equipped with enough resources to generate a huge enough population of pulls?
Did you make unrealistic scouting plans (i.e. trying to open several scouts in a short period of time)?
Did you consider all of your options (i.e. Step-Up higher rates VS BOX Scouting’s damage control property) prior to doing any scouts?

These are some of the questions you could reflect and learn from. While RNG still plays a large part in your success, it’s not like you do not have the tools to handle the randomness.

No one is consistently lucky

SIF’s gacha is entirely RNG-based. You may invested over 800 gems and not get what you want at all, or you can get as lucky as getting the card that you want in just one destiny draw. Now, you might be a bit jaded because you saw a dozen of other people posting on the social media that they get this card that you want in just one pull.

However, every other player is under the mercy of the exact same RNG.

Them getting lucky right now does not mean they have always been lucky. The one lucky draw people are showing you might be their first lucky pull after several sessions of unlucky pulls. You have no way of knowing how truly lucky a person is gloating to be, and frankly speaking, you don’t have to know.

Other people’s account is NOT your account

Another big part of saltiness can come from seeing other people shredding your dream UR like another N. But remember this…

That is NOT your account.

What other people do with the cards they get is entirely none of your business.
Consider when you are shredding away a card that you do not want; you could also be shredding someone else’s dream UR, and you’re likely going to tell them that it’s none of their business if they try to call you out for it.

Take your mind off the game

Hollow Knight is an amazing game with insultingly cheap price tag, and I will not stop bringing up this game until Team Cherry gets the respect they deserve.

Some times it’s actually not a bad idea to just take a break and keep your mind off the game for a while. Close the app and play another game instead… preferably one that isn’t saltier than SIF. Furthermore, there are several other amazing cheap games out there that actually doesn’t have gacha component as a part of its progression.

Learning to let go

You’ve stocked up on gems ahead of time. You’ve full combo’d a lot of songs for those gems. You planned ahead for months and anticipated the card’s arrival for a very long time. But in the end, none of those paid off. You didn’t get the cards that you want. So what now?

Some times, the best thing you can do is to move on.

That’s right.

Forget about that salty scout, and just begin saving up again. Cards are rotated around every now and then, and there are several different boxes introduced during the year with various gimmicks and rate ups. Limited Cards re-releases have also been shown to be an anniversary a thing. And remember, SIF is very generous in terms of its premium currencies for F2P, and there are several methods to earn those gems back, regardless of how old your account is.

[Advanced Tips]

I don’t hate this card, but for real, she has so many better cards than this, both in terms of art and strength.

I can’t say the same for other gacha games out there, but in the current state of SIF, there are numerous mechanics that allow you to salvage your investment, ranging from minor compensations to actually making everything work out in unexpected ways.

So you just had a bad scout. Let’s fix the situation…

The Sticker Mechanic

This mechanic alone should already speak for itself, but for those who need a quick review, when you eliminate a card from your inventory, you get stickers in return for those cards. The rank of the stickers you get in the process depends on the rarity of the card that was eliminated.

So what do these stickers do?

A LOT, actually. In fact, the topic of stickers is so broad it could be separate into a number of other articles; all of which I planned to cover in the future. But for the purpose of this article, here is a bunch of ways you can use the stickers to your benefit:

  1. Idolize cards that you like
  2. Open additional School Idol Skill Slots
  3. Purchase Scouting Coupons from the Sticker Shop
  4. Purchase a UR from the Sticker Shop
  5. Purchase support cards that are restocked every month in the Sticker Shop
Regardless of your play style, do yourself a favor and please, PLEASE buy these teachers every month when they are restocked (you can buy two of each per month)

Scouting Coupons (aka. Blue Tickets)

The Blue Tickets (or BTs, as most people called it) can be obtained from mission rewards, filling the Honor Student Gauge from an eligible scouting box, or directly bought with stickers from the Sticker Shop.

Once obtained, the BTs can be spent in four different ways:

  1. Spend 1 to scout for support cards
  2. Spend 5 to scout in a box with 80:20 odds of getting SR and UR, respectively
  3. Spend 10 to scout in a box with 80:20 odds of getting SSR and UR, respectively
  4. Spend 25 to scout in a box with 100% chance of getting a UR

How one should spend their Blue Tickets is a hot topic that I am not, and probably never, going to touch. But what you should know is that the BTs – at its core – is this game’s form of “sympathy mechanic” that aims to console players for not getting what they want. As such, you should consider prioritizing the BTs to get “what you truly wants”, not what is most “efficient” or “best”.

Sticker Shop

Even if a UR drops from the box you are scouting, there is no guarantee that you’re actually getting the cards you aimed for. Luckily, eliminating URs – specifically undesirable ones – will give you the highest rarity of stickers, which you can spend 3 of them to outright buy a UR that you actually want from the Sticker Shop. This means that for every three URs that you have no desire to keep, you are practically guaranteed to get one UR that you want. So if your sodium level is approaching critical levels and you are truly desperate, there is literally nothing stopping you from hoarding 75 Scouting Coupons, practically guaranteeing 3 URs, then exchange it for the one UR that you truly want.
(Remember, we are trying to relieve yourself from saltiness, so don’t let anyone tell you what is or is not a stupid idea)

The selection of URs in the Sticker Shop is rotated every month. There is no “confirmed” selection of what URs will be available, but based on the history of the JP version of the game, a reliable prediction of which URs will be available in the shop in the near future can be seen here.

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, for both JP and WW SIF, only µ’s URs are being rotated in the Sticker Shop right now, so Aqours fans are lucked out at the moment. The Aqours UR are expected to be added to the game in future updates when Aqours’s pool of UR cards are large enough. However, one minor tip I can give for Collection-Oriented Players, who aim to get the cards of their best girls on both µ’s and Aqours, is to spend your main scouting resources (Love Gems, Scouting Tickets, etc.) on Aqours’s scouting box, then spend stickers and maybe Blue Tickets for µ’s side.


And that concludes my tips on how to handle a failed scout. Saltiness is a terrible feeling and it’s hard to not feel jaded when you see someone luckier than you. It’s fine to be discouraged, and it’s fine to quit the game altogether. But the most important thing to consider is you do not remain obsessed and frustrated with trying to get something that is simply beyond your grasp.

But what are your thoughts? How do you handle a particularly bad scouting session?
Let me know in the comments section below.

Once again, if you find this article helpful, feel free to use it as a source of reference and share it to your friends.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

This has been the Mad_Cartoonist. Signing out.

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