Q4 Gem Ledger Report

Now that I got my blog back up running, I’m going to be making my monthly Gem Savings Adventure Report in detail here instead.

For those who are new to this, I started counting how many F2P gems I can save up in a month, using everything available to me in the game. No gems were purchased using real life currency. At the end of each month, I make a report of how many I saved up, grouping the reports by source of acquisition, ease of acquisition, and the recurrence of each source. It’s a fun little exercise I, as an accountant, enjoy doing.

In any case, let’s dive in.

The Results

Here is what Q4 Gems Savings Result looks like:

Technically, this was actually on the morning of 1 January 2019. I kinda forgot to save a screen cap of the gem balance on 31 December 2018 before I went to sleep.

Background Recap

My gem stock was at zero on 3 August 2018 after I poured my entire savings into Honoka’s 2018 Birthday. After that, I’ve been saving up gems as I normally would, but I’ve only started bookkeeping my gem count on 1 October 2018, where my gem count was at 351, as you can see in my gem balance reconciliation.

If you want to get even more into detail, I did one 10+1 on the 2nd Year Boku Hikari Limited Box, so that’s 50 gems usage prior to the bookkeeping records. That also means I made around 401 gems during 3 August to 1 October 2018.

Originally, this was meant to be a one-time thing, but after October, I kinda enjoyed it and has been doing this since.

December 2018’s Observations

First off, the cut-off date was a bit different from prior months, since I started counting on 2 October 2018. 31 December 2018 was the last day for December’s gem count, so because of this, it was one day short from a 31-day month.

But even with that taken into account, the amount of shortage from 200 gems mark actually took me a bit off guard. December have over a dozen less log-in bonus gems compared to October, and I’ve significantly full combo’d more Master Songs in November. Part of the reason I was expecting December to end up with more gem gain was also partially because of the 9 gems I got from the lottery campaign, but apparently, that didn’t do a whole lot.

But perhaps the most important discovery (which was actually more of a reminder for me, in hindsight) is the fact that Companion Match is perhaps, hands down, the best Event for farming gems. The Event gives out for every Group Objective achieved, and there are a total of 10 objectives in total. Each objective gives out a gem as its final reward, and the final objective gave 2 gems (although I didn’t pick up the final two gems until the morning of 1 January 2019, which was why it wasn’t in my ledger). This means that a typical Companion Match has up to 11 gems you can get for free, just by participating the Event at least once per objective. And this was entirely on top of the 10 to 13 gems you would normally get from playing efficiently from the EP Achievement Rewards anyway.


And that’s it for December 2018 and Q4’2018 gems saving result update. I’m still working on the format for this type of post, but more is definitely coming. Starting 1 January 2019, I’ve also tried to standardize my ledger worksheet and reporting format a bit more. Hopefully, by the end of January 2019, I’ll have a more standardized format for this type of post.

This has been the Mad_Cartoonist. Signing out.


Ground rules behind the data:

Data Source:


You can copy the data from the sheet and make a PIVOT Table like the one in my post above.

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