The Art of Avoiding Scouting Temptations

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So many of you may have read my post on Fantastic Love Gems (and where to find them) that I posted last week, before New Year (Happy New Year to you, by the way). If you are some of the more savvy players, I’m sure what you had in mind while reading the article was, “But Mad, saving gems is easy. It’s the fact that I always kept scouting on impulse, that’s why I could not save up any gems”.

And I get it. At the end of the day, F2P players’ biggest enemy is none other than their own scouting impulses. Regardless of how many gem sources there are, perseverance has always been the most important key towards saving large chunks of Love Gems. But how do you do that when the game constantly flashes you with the newest releases of your best girl’s cards?

Well, let’s find out a few ways we can handle that little problem today.

Quick Acknowledgement

Before I start, I want to give a shout out to my inspiration behind this post.

I ran into ErynCerise’s videos a few years back, and her [10+1 Tips to Avoid Solo Yolo’ing!] are among some of the first videos I’ve watched on her channel. I’ve referred several new players who had trouble saving up gems to that video before, but I’ve gotten dissed at for suggesting an outdated video far more than once, which is why I’ve decided to include this topic among the choices of initial posts in my December poll. This topic is slightly different from the issue that was discussed in Eryn’s video, but I think they stem from a very similar source of problem, and that is the impulse to scout aimlessly.

Eryn’s channel has undergone some restructuring, and she is no longer doing big SIF guides (as far as I know). However, she still makes scouting videos every now and then, so check her channel out if you’re interested. Her humor is pretty good.

Why the hell would I want to avoid scouting?

That is actually a very valid question.

A quick answer to that question is “anticipation”. You may be trying to save gems for scouting on a very specific box, such as a Limited BOX Scouting, a certain girl’s birthday, or even on UR rate up boxes. To maximize your chance of success, you definitely want more concentrated attempts on those boxes, rather than a scattered attempt here and there, and that’s where loads of Love Gems comes in.

It all comes down to how you are playing your game. If you do not care about anticipation and just let the RNG to take you where ever it wants, then this article is not for you. But if you are one of those people who are trying to save for a certain box, and yet always lose to your own impulses, then read on; you’ve come to the right place.

The Tricks SIF use to tempt you

Forget Solo Yolo-ing; it’s the least of your concern right now. SIF has evolved, and it has deployed several other tactics that make you want to spend your Love Gems. Because of this, I think it’s worth knowing the kind of mind games SIF plays with you, so you know exactly what is making you smash that scout button.

1) Honor Scout Placement

I can’t find a pic of the old interface with the free regular scouting button, sorry…

Each day, after the log-in reset, you will be able to perform a regular scout for free on both µ’s and Aqours sides once each. Immediately as you tap the Scout tab, you will be greeted with the main featured Honor Scouting box with the newest released batch of cards on respective sides.

When I originally pointed this out in the [Love Live! School Idol Festival – International Gamers] Facebook Group, many people seem to think I was whining about the Honor Scouting button being on approximately the same spot as the free regular scouting button in the old interface, resulting in accidental Honor Scout out of habit.

While the accidental scout was probably also a deliberate trick, I think the more sinister intention was the fact that Honor Scouting is placed as a default scouting page with the newest batch of cards winking back at you. This was never about a minor inconvenience, but rather about the psychological manipulation. The game is constantly reminding you of this page every day with the “!” icon after the log in reset, and the first thing you see over there is the shiny new cards.

!!! Update !!!

I have been informed by user “Squall” of Discord [ЯEE] that for the Japanese version of the game, the Regular Scout Tab’s location is right at the bottom of the side bar, which is different from the WW version of the game.

As such, please be mindful of this.

\\\ Update ///

2) Options. Alternatives. PLAYER CHOICES!

In addition to the increased rates for the newly released cards, SIF has also deployed several other types of Scouting boxes throughout the month. During Events and seasonal occasions, the game will release special scouting boxes that have smaller pool of cards with limited scope, such as boxes containing only certain year or sub-unit members with increased rates on certain card sets or members. Because these boxes usually have increased rates on cards that may no longer be included in the main featured Honor Scouting box, they are great for people who are trying to pick up a specific card.

These boxes are released every so often, always taunting you that this is your chance to get the cards that you may have missed when they were originally released.

3) Step-Up Festival

Step-Up Boxes have become increasingly popular for several reasons, and you can pretty much expect one of them every other month. I have an upcoming post that aims to explain the basic mechanics of scouting boxes coming out soon, but just to give you an idea, Step-Up allows you to perform scouts at discounted gem price, and some times with other additional perks as well.

For instance, instead of the normal 50 gems for a 10+1 scout, you may only need only 30 gems to perform its first step. This means you are getting so much more out of the gems you spent.

4) For a limited amount of time!!

This is, of course, not limited only to SIF, but many online games that feature campaigns in general. One of the most popular phrase these games love to use for their campaigns is “for only a limited amount of time”. The goal here is to pressurize people into making their decisions in that moment, and under pressure, people are usually vulnerable to making unfavorable decisions; even I don’t make the smartest of decisions when I have a deadline fast approaching.

The Art of Avoiding Scouting Temptations

Now that you are aware of the tricks SIF used to mess with you, let’s look at ways we can combat our scouting impulses.

Set up a realistic goal for yourself

First of all, if you are going to stock up on gems, it’s mostly because you have a goal to hit.

What kind of boxes are you shooting for?
Aiming for great scoring cards or just for your best girl? Or even for just a card you know would be released soon?

The most important thing to note is to make sure you have a realistic timeline for yourself. As I mentioned in my Fantastic Love Gems article, it is possible to get approximately 200 gems per month for a typical account. This means that if your goal is to empty a Limited BOX, then you better make sure you have ample time for your gem stock to build up.

Keep your Love Gems in the present box or Side Stories unread

One of the most simple and popular technique I saw many people did was to keep their Love Gem rewards in present box and/or leave the Side Stories unread. This way, you keep your actual gem stock low, while always having a reserve you can pick up whenever you need to make a pull.

Pretend the Scouting feature doesn’t exist

One of the tips I told most people about scouting avoidance is to just “forget the Scout page exists at all”, and I quite literally did just that. Scouting is never really on my mind until my goal box is about to arrive. In fact, I don’t really flip to the Scout tab at all, unless it is for the daily free regular scouting, after which, I just stormed the hell out of the place. If you don’t mind seeing the exclamation mark for the daily free regular scout, I recommend not even going into that page at all if you can help it.

Avoiding the Scout tab means you completely avoid the first trick SIF plays with you that I mentioned above altogether.

One small tip. The Idol Group side with an on-going Event will usually feature their Event as the first banner on the Home Tab. If you want to up your scouting avoidance game a notch, you can also try sticking only to the side with an on-going Event to avoid getting flashed with the new card’s banner. The Event banner will usually stay around for a while even after the actual Event has already ended.

Play minimally during non-event period

Now, even if you try to avoid getting flashed with new banners like plague, it’s still unlikely that they won’t get into your sight at one point or the other. One thing I tend to do is to play this game minimally during non-event period. In fact, unless there is a goal that has to be cleared within a certain time limit, some times I flipped up the game just for one song (in order to get the daily first live gem), then letting the LP overflow for the rest of the day.

Keep your mind off the game

[PSA] This game is awesome, and you should play it.
Once you got your daily gems, close the app, then go ahead and do something else. Play other mobile games. Read a book. Or spend time with your family. It sounds arbitrary, but if you keep yourself busy with something else, especially things that are more essential to your life, you are less likely going to think about scouting.

Change your perception

Is the glass 1% full or 99% empty??

Always keep in mind that in this game, you are at the mercy of the RNG. There is no guarantee that you are going to get the card that you want (well, there are complications with that claim, but that’s for another time), and rate up is NOT innately a guarantee. Instead of thinking that “I may have a chance”, trying thinking “what if the RNG hates me and screws me over?”

Remember that if you did not get what you want, not only will you feel salty right now, it means that your saving plan could also be jeopardized.

Lower Cost does not always mean better

Step-Up is a big temptation because it gives the notion that you are getting “more for less.” What you should also consider in addition to that premise is whether what you actually want is among those “more for less” you are getting. Step-Up gives you a lot of value – there is no denying – but if the step-up does not have the cards that you want, then it’s merely just another distraction from your goal.

Let the urge consume you from time to time

You heard that right. It is not a bad idea to actually feed into your urge from time to time.

If you know exactly how much time you have left until your target arrives, and a really interesting Step-Up Box happens to drop by, just toss in the gems that you can expect to recover in time before your real target arrives. Remember that you do not have to finish all the steps of a Step-Up box.

For some people, I know it can be difficult to hold the urge for a long time. The purpose of this tip is to avoid the urge from bottling up for too much. Think of it as a reward for yourself if you’ve been able to avoid the impulses for a month or two.


And that concludes my guide on the art of avoiding scouting temptations. Let me know if you have any other good tricks for avoiding the scouting impulses down in the comments below.

Finally, as always, if you find this article helpful, feel free to use it as a source of reference and share it with your friends.

Hope you guys enjoy reading this article.

This has been the Mad_Cartoonist. Signing out.

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