What to do once you’ve started SIF

School Idol Festival started off as a humble rhythm game back in 2013. There weren’t a lot of features back then, and it’s really a very simple rhythm game, featuring the members of µ’s.

Fast forward to 2018, the game has tons of new features that made it an entirely different game from back then. I started the game in its early days, so I get to gradually absorb the new stuffs as they are added. However, with several features introduced all at once, the early game contents can quickly overwhelm new players, who have no idea what they got themselves into.

In this article, I would like to make a quick hand holding tour around the ways you can tackle this game. These are, by no means, the definite way to play the game, but I hope it serves as a decent roadmap for new players who just recently got into this game.

With the introduction out of the way, let’s get started shall we?

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[DEq] Death Cheaters – Chapter 01

“Later, bro!!!”

“Yeah. See you on Monday, man.”

Daniel waves back at his friend, then looks at the time from his phone; it’s almost 9 PM. The streets in this part of Deus City are especially dark at this time thanks to having only a few streetlights. The towering skyscrapers of this dark city also plays a part in making the alleys even darker. But the young man has expected this. Since there is not much for him to do at his dorm, it was a conscious decision to spend the majority of his daytime hanging out with his bros, then returning to the dorm only to sleep.

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